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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Celebrate Father’s Day this year with a truly memorable gift!

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Dad’s are amazing!  Whether it is a dad, stepdad, granddad or a dog dad (no judgement 😀 ), they all play such an important role.
Dad’s are fun, caring and show so much love.

This year we would love to help you celebrate all dads with a truly memorable gift.

Of course, dad’s love socks and undies, right?  How about this year we try something new!

We did some extensive research (AKA asking dad’s we know) to help us create the BAC Father’s Day Gift Guide to help you with new ideas to celebrate dad and all the amazing things he does.


  • An adventure day out with the family!  What does dad love to do?  Maybe fishing, hiking, cycling or golf?
  • If dad has a motorbike or a fancy car, get him some merchandise
  • Tickets to his favourite sporting game or band
  • A family portrait session with dad and the kids or the whole family.  You can bring the dog too 😉
  • A personalised gift box from Luna’s Box
  • There are so many amazing dads who work FIFO and miss a lot of these events.  Slip a card into their bag before they leave, or pack a little gift for on-site. 
  • If dad is away for work, on Father’s Day send him a loving video from home with all the kids included.
  • For the sports-crazy dad, get the kids together and take a photo of them all in dad’s team colours.  What about a gift certificate so that dad can be in the portrait too?
  • Visit your local hobby store and find a model plane or remote control car (something that goes really fast!)
  • And of course… you can never go past chocolates!

If you would like to book dad in for a portrait session with BAC Photography or maybe gift vouchers are more your style, we can help!

Contact us now to book a session or purchase a gift voucher

cool dad and daughter portrait in studio

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