International Dog Day

Everyone who knows us here at BAC Photography knows that we are avid pet lovers! Especially dogs!

If you are anything like us I am sure that you might not have heard of International Dog Day before.  Another day for something to celebrate online, but we feel this one has some true meaning.

Pets bring so much joy and love to our households that we need to make sure we remember their importance in our families.

International Dog Day, on the 26th of August, is a holiday that (of course) started in America.  It is a day where we can celebrate with our pets, spend time having fun, playing with them or just spending good quality time on the couch.

You might be asking yourself why a day like this was created and what sets it apart from the millions of other days that are advertised on social media and the internet…for example World Nutella Day!

International Dog Day was created with good intentions and also a message that we believe is worth sharing:
  • It brings awareness to dogs that need to be rescued and the work that animal shelters do daily
  • Remind us that dogs are part of the family, protect us and love us
  • Dogs can help us to feel safe and secure

We have created a list for you with some ideas on how to celebrate with your dog for International Dog Day on the 26th of August.

  1. Get out and about with them, take them somewhere new or to their favourite park or beach – somewhere of the leash is ideal! (of course, if safe to do so)
  2. A good groom or a wash at home – nothing beats a fresh-smelling pup! And not so much hair around the house is always nice haha
  3. Donate to an animal rescue centre or volunteer your time
  4. Challenge yourselves!  Can your dog learn a new trick?
  5. Hire a professional photographer for a pet portrait to display in your house
  6. Buy your dog a new treat/toy
  7. If you are working, why not book your dog into doggy daycare so they can socialise with other dogs and have fun with new friends
  8. Doggy play date with a friend and their dog
  9. Just give them some love! A cuddle goes a long way
  10. Ok, I love to cook so I couldn’t make a list without a recipe.  My dog loves peanut butter! Why not make them some homemade snacks, I am sure they will love it.  Try these Peanut Butter Dog Treats

If you would like to book a portrait session with your dog or maybe just one for him or her on their own, contact us now!

fun family outdoor portrait
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