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Newborn Session in the Studio

Suridge Family Newborn Portraits I found out about little baby Henry from his Grandma Cathy, who is an old friend of my husband and mine.  We used to work with Cathy many, many moons ago.  This was her first grandchild, and she was super excited when she got in touch and asked if we could take some portraits for her daughter Georgie and her husband Zeke. Obviously, I said yes and it was so great to see them again! I had previously done portraits for Cathy and the family, so I had met Georgie some time ago.   Now Georgie is married and has the little one, it was beautiful to be able to meet Zeke and Henry too.  He was a big boy born at 9 pounds and was just an absolute dream in the studio. We had him in a little elf outfit because it was in the lead up to Christmas.  We also took some more traditional newborn portraits and some with the family too.  I loved how during the session Henry’s tiny hand is always at the top of his swaddle.  It was very cute! It was exciting to have them in the studio for portraits and I hope that we can see the family again soon as Henry grows.

Alfie and the Tulip Family

Pet portrait family session in the BAC Studio. Jill is a very dear friend, her and her family used to be neighbours to us and since they moved, we have kept in touch.  Both my boys are good friends with their daughter Molly.  When Jill told me that they had a new member of the family coming, aka Alfie the Cavoodle (which is a King Charles Spaniel cross with a Poodle), I was so excited! Jill told me when they picked him up and sent me a photo.  I said, “Jill, we have to get some portraits done, he is adorable!”  We organised for the family to come into the studio.  Andy, her husband, came along as well as Molly and Jill herself. We took some beautiful portraits with this gorgeous little dog.  I got some family ones and some of Molly with her new little fur sibling, along with some beautiful photos of Alfie on his own. Jill had bought this gorgeous little bandana for Alfie to wear around his neck, so we matched it with the blue rug.  We also got some of him in the basket and our heart shaped box.  OMG!  He was just such a dream! You can see by that gorgeous little look on his face how adorable he totally was. If you have a new puppy to the family and would like to get some family portraits taken with your puppy, then this is the place to come.  We would love to see you and we would love to get some gorgeous photos with you, your family and your new fur sibling or baby. We got some behind the scenes footage from the session as well, so make sure you check that out.

Family Portrait at Shorncliffe

National Family Portrait Month session at Shorncliffe I was thrilled during National Family Portrait Month when I saw Danielle’s request come in for a session.  This was the second time her and her family were coming back to us for National Family Portrait Month.  I had done a session for them a few years ago, again for National Family Portrait Month, and this time we were able to make sure that her husband Nathan could come along to the session, with their two boys Luke and Oliver. We did the session down at Shorncliffe Beach, which is super special for Danielle and Nathan as that is where they had their wedding portraits taken many years before.  I know one of their favourite images was the one out on the jetty.  This is where I know a lot of brides and grooms go and get their portraits done.  We hung out in the trees with the boys and got some beautiful portraits of them. It was a morning session down there at the beach. You can see that the morning sessions are a little different to the afternoon sessions.  The lighting is different down on the beach and we have got some stunning shots that I love.  My favourite spot is there under the trees, especially in the morning.  We did up a lovely little wall art for Danielle and her family in a framed print. For those who do not know, National Family Portrait Month is a charity that BAC Photography are super proud to support.  This will be the 5th year in a row we are participating in National Family Portrait Month.  The way it works is that all those that sign up for a session pay a $51 donation which goes straight to a charity.  Last year the charity chosen was Beyond Blue, this year the chosen charity is Make A Wish Foundation.  The donation gives you a session, a small print, and the chance to update your family portraits. National Family Portrait Month is on again now.  It would be lovely to see some people coming back again.  We have had people back two and three times now, so if you are interested pop over and check out the link https://www.familyportraitmonth.com.au/