beautiful happy studio portrait young girl in red

North Lakes Family Studio Portrait session

Radiant in Red
North Lakes Studio Portrait Session

family portrait session in the studio girl in red dress

We had a super family portrait session with Ashnita and the family in the studio.

Krystal (their daughter) was dressed in a beautiful red dress!  Wow, it was really eye-catching.  She looked amazing and totally suited the bold colour. I loved that Mum also wore red lipstick that matched her daughter’s dress.. it helped tie in the colour. Just a small accessory is all you need.

cuddly dad and daughter portrait in studio

We did some great family portraits on the grey backdrop, family together, Mum with Krystal, Dad with Krystal and then Krystal on her own, plus mum and Dad together. Then did a variety of family portraits with the white backdrop. The red dress really popped on the white.

We ordered up a stunning Metal print storyboard for the family which is now proudly hanging in their home to remind them of this special time.

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