Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s in your Camera Bag?

I love using my set of Canon 5DmIII’s with my two favourite lenses, 24-70 for nice wide shots and to get closer to families then the 70-200 for nice blury backgrounds.

Q. Where can we have our session/what locations do you suggest?

We have our fabulous studio here in North Lakes or we can travel up to an hour from North Lakes to a location of your choice from Brisbane to the bottom end of the Sunshine Coast.

We have a great Location Guide with out Top 12 Favourite Locations. Click below to check it out.

Q. How many people can we have in our Portrait Session?

There is no limit, you can invite all the family if you wish, Aunt’s, Uncles, Granny & Granddad, Nan and Pop, even the dog for outdoor sessions. In the studio however we are limited to 10 people.

Q. How long does session usually take?
Family sessions usually take 45 minutes to an hour, newborn sessions take up to 2 hours.

Q. What happens if someone is sick?

No one want to have a portrait session when they are sick, especially kids! If a family member is unwell, then get in touch asap and we will re-schedule your session.

Q. What happens if the weather is bad?

If you are booked into our North Lakes Studio, no need to worry! If we have an outdoor session booked there are a few options.

1. We can move it to the studio

2. We can re-schedule however it may be several weeks or months before we can fit you in again… especially on the weekend!

3. We can have your session in the rain anyway! Grab the brollies and boots and head out into rain!

Q. What happens after my session?
Approximately a week after you session we will make a time for you to come into the studio to see your photos and it is only then that you decide what you would like to purchase.

Q. How long does it take before I get my products?

Prints will be ready in approximately 3 weeks and Acrylics and Albums can take up to 5 weeks.

Q. We have a voucher that includes our session and a print, can you purchase extra images?

Yes you can. I do point out that there is no obligation to make an extra purchase, however if you love the images and want to buy more then you can.

Q. What payment options do you offer?

We have an EFTPOS Machine on hand in the studio and can set up 3 different payment types:

1. Full payment at your ordering appointment

2. 50/50 Payment. Pay half at your ordering appointment and half when your order is ready for collection

3. Payment Plan. We offer in house payments plans tailor made for you for up to 6 months, interest free.

Q. Do you allow Pets?

YES!!! We love animals and are more than happy to include ‘ALL’ family members for both outdoor and studio sessions.

Q. My son, daughter, children have a lot of energy and don’t sit down for long. I am not sure if I should get any portraits done.

The choice is ultimately yours, but I am used to running around the parks of Brisbane chasing kids. In a session we have running competitions, jumping, playing, on the swing, you name it, I’ve done it! Whatever it takes to keep them happy and get what you want.

Q.What is a session like with BAC Photography?

Check out this BAC Photography Behind the scenes video to see first hand what our sessions are like:

Behind the scenes outdoor family portrait session

For more information click below…

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