French bulldog pair


Pet Portrait Photography in Brisbane for the whole family

Pet portraits can be taken at various outdoor locations throughout North Brisbane.

We would be lost without our family pet, so it makes sense to get a portrait of them. Either on their own or with the whole family or even just with the kids! Sadly they won’t be here forever, so it’s so important to have photos for memories in years to come.

Having had both cats and dogs in my life I am used to dealing and working with them both. As a child I had cats (one Siamese and one Burmese) however since meeting my husband who is a dog person, we have now had 5 Labradors! They make a great family pet and after having 2 labs from puppies, we now choose to adopt older dogs rather than the younger ones. They are not only a little more calm but most are house trained and don’t chew everything in sight!

Now just because I have only had Labradors, doesn’t mean I don’t love all dogs, from little to big, pure bread to bitsa. All dogs are welcome!

Do you have a different type of pet too?  We would love to hear from you too!

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