Pet Photography Brisbane

Pet Portraits for the whole family

Photograph the whole family with your pets included too both in our North Lakes Studio or at an outdoor location in Brisbane.

We would be lost without our family pet, so it just makes sense to get portrait of them. Either on their own or with the whole family or even just with the kids! Sadly they won’t be here forever, so it’s so important to have photos for memories in years to come.

Having had both cats and dogs in my life I am used to dealing with them both. As a child I had cats (one Siamese and one Burmese) however since meeting my husband… a dog person we have now had 5 Labradors! They make a great family pet and after having 2 labs from puppies, we now choose to adopt older dogs rather than the younger ones. They are not only a little more calm but most are house trained and don’t chew everything in site!

Now just because I have only had Labradors, doesn’t mean I don’t love all dogs, from little to big, pure bread to bitsa. All dogs are welcome!

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Outdoor Newborn Portrait in North Lakes

Newborn portrait with Milly the Labrador   When Samantha got in touch to book her newborn session, she really wanted something outdoors and to include their first child (so to speak) their Labrador Milly. We arranged a session for Lake Samsonvale nice and early in the morning with Grandma coming along to help with the dog during the session. On the morning of it was overcast, but no rain forecast, so I set off for the lake. As I arrived, it was pouring down! Worse than that, the council had closed the park (no idea why) and the big yellow barrier was across the entrance. I phoned Samantha and we agreed that we had no choice but to do the session in the studio, as they could not reschedule it. By the time I got back to the studio, the sun was out! You wouldn’t read about it. When Samantha and the family arrived, I suggested that we head to the park at the end of the street where the studio was. That way if it started raining, we could run back to the studio. I knew they really wanted outdoors, so I thought, lets make this happen. We did some family photos first with beautiful newborn Olivia, Mum, Dad and the dog. The we got some of Millie and Olivia together too. By the time we were photographing Mum, Dad and Oliva, the sun was high in the sky and peeking through the trees. Thankfully with the help of Grandma, we managed some beautiful family portraits… Grandma at this point had the dog lead around her foot and her arms high in the sky over the heads of the family with a reflector to block the sun from their faces. It was quite a sight and we really couldn’t have done it without her! Last off was so beautiful photos just of Olivia before we packed up for the day. It was almost lunch by then. I am so glad the rain disappeared so that we could do the natural outdoor portraits that they wanted. BAC Favourite photo: Olivia in the basket with Millie on guard

Couples portrait at Shorncliffe Beach

It was a truly stunning morning down at Shorncliffe Pier for Elisa and Michael’s portrait session. The sun was shining, although it was a little fresh for the 8am start. We walked all over the park. Starting at the jetty, then the trees, on the grass and then out onto the beach to finish. Having had their last photo shoot done in New York, the look and feel this time was totally different (which is of course what they were aiming for).   It was super lovely to meet this couple and update their portrait collection. Couples favourite photo: on the jetty BAC Favourite photo: back to me looking at each other on the beach

Family Portrait in the morning sun at Shorncliffe

It was so lovely to see Kylie, Jamie and little Lucas again! They booked in with me last year through National Family Portrait Month and when the charity was running again, they jumped at the chance to book in again and update their family portrait, especially while Lucas is young and growing and changing so much. Lucas was no different to last time. A boy who was on the move! Things to do, adventures to have. I remember by boys being just the same. They loved the beach and the sand, the rocks and the sticks. Shorncliffe Pier is a super special spot for Kylie and Jamie, as they had their wedding portraits down on the jetty. How wonderful it is to now have an updated family portrait to sit alongside this. It really was super to see you all again and we hope to see you again for National Family Portrait month this year.   Families favourite image: on the jetty BAC’S favourite image: crouching together on the beach