Pet Photography Brisbane

Pet Portraits for the whole family

Photograph the whole family with your pets included too both in our North Lakes Studio or at an outdoor location in Brisbane.

We would be lost without our family pet, so it just makes sense to get portrait of them. Either on their own or with the whole family or even just with the kids! Sadly they won’t be here forever, so it’s so important to have photos for memories in years to come.

Having had both cats and dogs in my life I am used to dealing with them both. As a child I had cats (one Siamese and one Burmese) however since meeting my husband… a dog person we have now had 5 Labradors! They make a great family pet and after having 2 labs from puppies, we now choose to adopt older dogs rather than the younger ones. They are not only a little more calm but most are house trained and don’t chew everything in site!

Now just because I have only had Labradors, doesn’t mean I don’t love all dogs, from little to big, pure bread to bitsa. All dogs are welcome!

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You can also see some of our recent work too…

Aviator Newborn Portrait North Lakes

I am always saying that you are welcome to bring your own props and outfits for newborn  and family sessions. Anything that is special to you…. we can do our best to incorporate. With Dad being a pilot, no surprise they got this great little aviator beanie for their newborn portrait xx  

Extended Family Portrait in the Park

As sometimes happens, a session gets rained off and we re-schedule. Sadly, that was the case with this one… a storm coming through and with some family travelling from the Gold Coast, we decided not to risk it and just re book a new date… well it was the right decision, because when we did, we had gorgeous sunshine to compliment this lovely family. Not only did we have mum and dad (Grandma and Grandpa), then their two beautiful daughters, partners and then two beautiful grandkids… It was a super fun session and as you can see from the very large selection, I had a lot of favourites I wanted to show and just couldn’t narrow it down for this post any further. or Just love this photo of the kids getting a piggy back, mum and dad and grandparents. Super fun! Of course you have to a boys photo…. followed by a girls photo! o BAC Favourite Photo: Piggy back photo with the grandparents too. BAC Fun Photo: Gotta love Aunty getting in the jumping photo with the kids!

Boy in blue – Newborn Portrait

At just 10 Days old we had his newborn session! Like most newborn sessions, we did some awake photos to start, had a little feed then had some photos with Mum and Dad before we just focused on him! The hands, the feet, all the little details. I love the photos from this session so much, we ordered up our big Collection 4 canvas set. This comes with 5 canvases, one big and then 4 small. It will be a great piece not just for our studio but also for the Pregnancy, Baby & Child Expo that we have on in November. Can’t wait