pet portrait dog in basket

Pet Portrait in the North Lakes studio

When Lyndal got in touch, she wanted a beautiful photos of her 3 dogs, Rose, Poppy and Violet. Plus she wanted to incorporate the image of an old dog that had since passed away, in a nice big wall piece.

pet portrait wall art pet portrait in studio black dog pet portrait in studio

She said on the phone that they were quite difficult at the vet so she wasn’t sure how we would go getting them all together for a photo.

I told her not to worry and to leave it to me!

3 dogs in basket pet portrait pet portrait in basket pet portrait in studio dogs

The session went fantastic. We got a few beautiful photos of them all together and nice individuals as well and some of them paired up together.

pet portrait dog in basket pet portrait black and white dogs

I also edited the image of her beloved dog who had already passed away, to include her in the final artwork.

Lyndal’s favourite: the three of them in the basket together

BAC Favourite: Poppy in the basket with the paw over the side… just chillin’