cute baby bowtie portrait in studio

Mummy and Me – Studio Portrait

Mum and her son – Nicholas

mummy and me portrait in studio baby on rug portrait


Anja came to us through National Family Portrait Month. One of our charity programs that we participate in every year. This year we were raising money for BeyondBlue.

mum and baby portrait in studio five month old newborn portrait in studio

Little Nicholas was just 4 months old when they came in for their session. Still happy with tummy time but not yet sitting up. Anja had an arm work out to start with not just holding Nicholas but lifting him in the air for some big smiles.

mum and newborn portrait in studio mum and baby cuddle portrait

When then sat them on the couch and finished with a little cuddle. He was pretty tired by the end… it’s hard work being a model!

mum and baby studio portrait cute baby bowtie portrait in studio

This was also our third behind the scenes vlog! You can see this film at the bottom of this post. Not only do these give you an insight into session with us but with Anja’s family all in Germany and her unable to travel, it was great to share around also.

mum and newborn portrait in studiobaby portrait in studio

Mum’s favourite image: Sitting on the couch together – portrait style.  This one will be in the National Family Portrait Month Book

BAC’s favourite image: Mum holding Nicolas up in the air on the grey backdrop – what a smile!