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Our recent work with Ohana Chiropractic

Babywearing advice from Ohana – Should I wear my baby?

There is no denying that babies love to be swaddled, wrapped and held close to you in their first few months.  As part of our newborn portrait sessions, we swaddle babies to keep them calm, relaxed and to feel safe.  It also helps new babies feel comfortable as they sleep for those classic newborn portraits.

In our latest work with Ohana Chiropractic, we created a series of promotional videos.  In this video, they talk about babywearing and encourage parents to wear their babies as much as possible.  It provides a safe place for baby to sleep and feel comfortable while snuggled up to mum or dad.

We have been lucky to work with Ohana Chiropractic and Wellness on many occasions.  This recent video and informational post is relevant to many of our clients.  The content was created to answer one of Ohana’s most frequently received questions; should I wear my baby and what should I use?