Newborn studio portrait sleeping

Kahlia & Nick Zimmermann and baby Noah

Noah was such a delight!

Newborn portrait swaddled in studio Portrait newborn baby on pillow

We had him all booked in on a Wednesday but Dad phoned me on the day to say they hadn’t slept a wink, bub had been up crying all night, they were tired and had over an hours drive to get to me. I told them not to panic. Get sorted out and then we would re-schedule the session. Stressed parents = stressed baby.

Mother and newborn portrait in studio Newborn portrait with parents in studio

Two days later they came in and all was better in the world!

Newborn studio portrait sleeping Father and Newborn portrait studio

Don’t let those closed eyes fool you! Noah did not sleep his entire newborn session. He came in at 15 days new and although he had a long ride in the car to get here (he did sleep in the car) for his full 2 hour session, he stayed awake! I may have captured a few peaceful images with his eyes closed… but closed only. haha

Newborn baby portrait in studio

We did plenty of different set ups with him, on the grey, blue, in the bucket and of course cuddles with Mum and Dad.

BAC Favourite photo: The blue steel look, while flexing his muscles

Parents Favourite photo: Holding Noah’s hands (apparently, he does this all the time, so it is super special to them)