17 people generations outdoor portrait

Beautiful 17 people generations family portrait session

When Steffi first was in contact with me, she wanted to organise a big family portrait for her grandparents who were both turning 90.  It was going to be a large session, we ended up with 17 people.  The session included Grandparents, their kids, grandkids, and one great-grandchild who belonged to Steffi.

We had the session at Mungarra Reserve in Petrie which is a lovely spot in the morning with lots of nice shady areas to do a session in with this number of people.  We got a lovely portrait of the couple who were turning 90, a large group portrait and then individual family portraits as well.

One family had lost a family member, so it was really special for them to bring a photo to include in their portraits.  It was also nice to get some fun shots with the younger kids and the great-grandchild.

We did a behind the scenes video for this session, and you can see the hard work that went into organising and posing everyone.  It was a super fun time and I know that they have lots of beautiful memories in an album to keep.