Newborn Portrait with 2 siblings

Newborn baby boy portrait with his two siblings

Baby Wyatt with his big brother and sister

Newborn Portrait with 2 siblings What an adorable bunch these guys were!

I always say that 2nd, 3rd and further consequent children are so much more robust and adaptable, they are used to being handled more and also the noise that goes with, in this case, two older siblings.

But young baby Wyatt was a superstar. He gave us some beautiful images with those big wide eyes of his and also we had him curled up and sleeping.. Ok so maybe we send the older 2 kids to the park with Dad but only because they were getting a bit restless and of course, it gets pretty hot in the studio to keep the little sleeping ones happy.

Not only did we do their portraits but a fantastic film for them too. One Mum will treasure, along with the wall art piece that I created for them… hoping to get a display for the studio just like it (check out the last image).

Anyway, enjoy the photos and the fun film! Hoping to see all these kiddos again.

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