siblings portrait with 3 month old baby sister

3 Month Old Baby Portrait with Family


Due to Covid, poor little Freya missed out on newborn portraits. So instead we got the whole family in for a portrait with her.

Being older, she was already starting with the smiles… so cute and big brother Harley and sister Lacey were so happy to have portraits with her too.

It was so lovely to see them with her, having cuddles and snuggles with her. Even though she missed out on those curled up sleepy photos.. her beautiful smile was enough for us 🙂

Black and white family portrait with 3 month old

Sibling love, Frey with her older siblings

Brother with 3 month old siblingsister with 3 month old sibling

Big smiles here for mum!

3 month old baby girlBlack and white childrens portrait3 month old baby girl

Black and white childrens portrait

My favourite photo of all three kids together

siblings portrait with 3 month old baby sister

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