Family Newport beach portrait

Leach Family Portrait

Leach Family Portrait

Newport Scarborough Beach

The morning of the Leach Family portrait session the weather forecast was fine and clear. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is a fickle master and by the time we arrived at the beautiful Newport Scarborough Beach the clouds were forming. The sun was still peeking through the clouds but on one side of us the big black clouds were looming.

A brief sun shower threatened the day at the very beginning, but we powered through and were determined to make the most of the trip to the beautiful spot. We were super blessed that the sun shower was only temporary, and we were able to do the whole session without getting soaked.

We started of the session in the main area of the park. The whole family joined in, including the adorable little French bulldog puppies who honestly stole the show completely. The beautiful Kate flew in from Sydney to be able to attend the shoot, so Mum and Dad were so happy to have all 3 girls together.

The Blue Park at Newport Scarborough Beach is one of the locations that have multiple areas that we can take advantage of to get a good variety of shots for our portrait sessions. You can check out more of our tried and tested locations HERE!

We were enjoying our time so much that by the time we got down to the beach for a change of scenery, the tide was coming in. Fortunately, we found a nice little spot where we could take advantage of the way the beach curves around the bay to give the shots a great background frame.

The clouds were threatening to bring rain more and more throughout the day and we all got a little dirty and messy with the beach being more dirt than sand, but we all had a lot of fun. It was super special when a gorgeous rainbow came out, we didn’t get a good shot of it as it was arching up over the houses rather than the beach, but it was a beautiful show from Mother Nature.

There were so many great shots that came from this session, so it was really hard to pick a favourite but this image of the late afternoon sun setting and the whole family standing on the beach is really beautiful.

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