three chocolate labrador puppies portrait

Three times the fun!

Three chocolate Labrador puppies in the studio!

When Amy let me know that she had 3 chocolate Labrador puppies, I jumped at the chance to photograph them.  It was so exciting.  If you do not know me, I absolutely love dogs and more than that, I love Labradors.  I have had 6 now, 2 from puppies and the others were older rescue dogs.  The thought of 3 chocolate Labrador puppies in the studio was amazing!

In the past we had photographed Amy’s children, so it was lovely to have her back in the studio again. Amy is looking at going into breeding and we are so pleased that she thought of us for the photographs.  These puppies were adorable!

From the number of photos, you can see how much I loved it and that we had an amazing time!

We videoed part of the session to capture some of the fun and antics that went on.  These puppies were just so cute and had such big personalities already.

Amy mentioned that 2 were adopted but 1 was still available.  I have joked before that if I had a brown Labrador, I would have the full Labrador rainbow, but I think 3 dogs is a little too much.

You can see from the photos just how amazing and cute the puppies are, and how much fun we had during the session.

If you love dogs and puppies, u will love these photos!

I hope to photograph more dogs and puppies in the future, so if you are purchasing a new puppy or have a dog you would like photographed on its own or with your family, then I am your girl!  And I look forward to hearing from you soon