Photography Location Guide – Woorim Beach

Woorim Beach

Ideal North Brisbane Family Portrait Location for Morning Beach Portraits

Overall Rating

Woorim Beach, located at Bribie Island is a beautiful location for families to have their portrait session. With both vegetation lined paths and a sandy beach, it has several areas that make beautiful backgrounds to images.

Beach Twirl Woorim Beach

Access and Parking

Parking for this location is not ideal. There are few parks along the beach area and can sometimes be a bit of a hike to get to an ideal location for photography sessions. This location is on the far side of Bribie Island.


Due to the remoteness of this location there are no toilet facilities close by. Nor is there a drinking fountain or any shops.


Best time of day for your session

Woorim Beach is only for morning portraits. The lighting and shade is best mid morning where the sun can provide beautiful lighting off the water.

Happy Family Woorim Beach


Here are a few of the options for this location:

  1. By the beach
  2. On the path
  3. On the sand

Wow factor

This spot is a bit of a walk along the path and sand, the sunset up here is pretty spectacular.

Woorim Beach family away

In Summary

This Brisbane Portrait location is great for those who want to experience the early morning beach light.

Where to Next?

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