sleeping newborn in dads arms portrait

Newborn Session in the Studio

Suridge Family Newborn Portraits

I found out about little baby Henry from his Grandma Cathy, who is an old friend of my husband and mine.  We used to work with Cathy many, many moons ago.  This was her first grandchild, and she was super excited when she got in touch and asked if we could take some portraits for her daughter Georgie and her husband Zeke.

yawning newborn portrait in studio

Obviously, I said yes and it was so great to see them again!

I had previously done portraits for Cathy and the family, so I had met Georgie some time ago.   Now Georgie is married and has the little one, it was beautiful to be able to meet Zeke and Henry too.  He was a big boy born at 9 pounds and was just an absolute dream in the studio.

black and white newborn family portrait in the studio

We had him in a little elf outfit because it was in the lead up to Christmas.  We also took some more traditional newborn portraits and some with the family too.  I loved how during the session Henry’s tiny hand is always at the top of his swaddle.  It was very cute!

It was exciting to have them in the studio for portraits and I hope that we can see the family again soon as Henry grows.