Photography Location Guide – Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Ideal Brisbane Portrait Location for Parks and Gardens

Overall Rating

Nestled amongst the cityscape is this garden oasis, full of lovely spots for photography.  Paid parking is available, as is disabled access, and you’ll find amenities throughout the gardens.  It can be quite busy at times, but that never deters us!

There are rotundas for shade and inclement weather, or just because!  Think tree-lined, green, lush garden shots, beautiful water scenes by the pond, or sweeping long shots down Weeping Fig Avenue.  Of course, there are also plenty of flowers around, or if you’d prefer, large open grassed spaces for the kids to run around.

Brisbane Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographer

Access and Parking

Parking for this location is not ideal. There are limited paid parking spots within walking distance from the gardens. Other alternatives are use of public transportation.


The Brisbane Botanical Gardens do have toilets and water fountains and are close to other shops and amenities though it is a bit of a walk to find them.


Best time of day for your session

The afternoon and morning light is always the best time for a portrait session at this location. The dappled light through the trees give a great ambiance that works well for shots.

Brisbane Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographer


Here are many options for this location:

  1. By the bushy trees
  2. On the paths
  3. On the grassy picnic areas
  4. By the garden beds
  5. By the old buildings

Wow factor

This spot has a huge variety of backdrops for any session though the parking and accessibility of the area can make it a more difficult place to coordinate.

Brisbane Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographer

In Summary

This Brisbane Portrait location is great for large families or big occasions such as weddings where you are able to coordinate everyone to be there at one time.

Where to Next?

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