Family portrait at Shorncliffe

Meet the Mitchells – Shorncliffe Family Photographer

Family portrait at ShorncliffeIt was a beautiful morning down at Shorncliffe (most of them are) when I had the pleasure of photographing this local family. Years before they had done studio photos, but wanted something different this time, so outdoors by the beach it was.

The boys were so cute together. Connor was such a doting big brother, it was really lovely to see and we made the decision to keep his glasses on too… he wears them all the time and they are who he is, so we felt it was important.

The last photo of the day was a rudey nudey shoot of little Harrison! They had done the same pose (in studio last time) of Connor and wanted the same again for the new little man, so we stripped him off at the park the get the shot! Thankfully there were no accidents during this brief pants off time, which is sometimes a miracle with boys!