Mother and daughter with newborn portrait in studio

Kiyara and Samara Newborn Session – North Lakes

Newborn portrait session with big sister.

Newborn up close portrait newborn and sister portrait in studio

When Sangeetha came in with newborn Kiyara and big sister Samara, we had a job on our hands. Samara still needed some convincing about this new little person that had just entered their family and she was not always keen to lay down with her sister or sit with her or give kisses.

Newborn portrait in blankets daughter portrait in studio mother and newborn portrait in studio

It took Mum and I all out powers of persuasion to get them together, so that we could get Mum that much wanted photo of her two girls together.

newborn basket portrait in studio mother and daughters portrait in studio Newborn with sister portrait in studio

We did get some of Mum and Bub as well (sadly Dad was already back at work but we will bring him in next time). So it was all the girls together.

sleeping newborn portrait in studio

Mum’s favourite Image: The two girls laying down together

BAC Favourite image: Kiyara in the new heart shaped box


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