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McLean Family Portrait

McLean Family Portrait

Field of Dreams

I was so excited to meet Zen, her partner Brock and their adorable Seven-week-old baby Hugo. He stole my heart with those big blue eyes and fluttering long eyelashes. He was so alert and present from the moment they arrived.

It was a magnificent afternoon at the Field of Dreams. The afternoon sun beaming off the tall grass was dazzling. We spent some time getting shots of Mum and bub, Dad and bub and some shots of the family together.

The beautiful “Field of Dreams” is located at Plantation Reserve, Dakabin. You can check out more of our tried and tested locations on the North side of Brisbane on our Location Guide HERE!

Family path by the tree

Baby Hugo needed a little top feed after his first foray into modelling, so Mum gave him a quick feed while we were out and about. Once he had his fill, we took a stroll along the winding path to one of my favourite places to take photos at the Field of Dreams, where the dappling sun peaks through the trees.

We moved over into the long grass and laid down Hugos blankie to get some shots of the beautiful boy. Those big glue eyes just slayed me. Mum and Dad joined in for some group shots laying down.

Sitting quiet in the sun

There is something about the shot of Mum, Dad and bub sitting, surrounded by tall grass, that speaks of the quiet, precious moments where the busy hum drum of life falls away and love abounds.

It was such a pretty afternoon! The whole session was so magical and little Hugo was a little trooper and such a good baby. After his “Field of Dreams” adventure, I am sure he will sleep well for Mum and Dad.

You can check out more of our Portrait session adventures on our TikTok HERE!

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