Colour sitting family portrait

Family Portrait with 2 Dogs

Family portrait with 2 dogs in the studio.

Johanna and Rod are great friends of ours so it is always a pleasure to have them in the studio to update their family portrait.

I have been photographing them since we met – well since my husband first met them (working together with Rod). Back then it was just Johanna, Rod and the two dogs, Luna and Rocco.

Chaise close up colour

Since then gorgeous little Maria has arrived and we have photographed her since she was a newborn babe.

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Every session, we always included the dogs. Because why wouldn’t you? Dogs are part of the family too. It has been wonderful to watch Maria grow up with the dogs. Reminds me of my boys growing up without dogs, Monty and Lexie when they were young (our two black Labradors who have since passed).

Maria was so much fun having snuggles with mum and Dad and chasing the dogs around.

I can’t wait for the next time they update their photos, although I’m sure I’ll see them again before then, just to catch up.

Families’ fav: Maria with the two dogs

BAC’s fav: family black and white image of Maria being lifted up by dad

Flashback newborn portrait

Flashback images to her newborn portrait

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