Laying down colour with pup

A Great Dane X called Wyatt

Mum, Dad, Newborn and a great Dane X called Wyatt!

This was such an awesome session!

I always tell people they are welcome to bring their pets to a newborn session and while people think it sounds great, very few do. I just seems a bit too hard on the day of the session.

But not for Gemma and Toby!

So on the Sunday, they came back through to see me again. I remembered them as Toby (who loves a good shirt) had on a shirt that looked like a tuxedo… like I say, memorable.

So they booked in and we chatted about their newborn session, discussed bringing their beloved dog Wyatt and low and behold on the day of the session… there he was!

Black and white laying down

Now the whole session wasn’t just about him but it was a bit of a blast having him there. Yes he was big, clumsy and exuberant but he was also obedient when he needed to be and we got some great images of them all together and of course Wyatt with his new human sibling.

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I wish more people would bring their pets but I do get it, sometimes it feels a bit hard… but just look at the outcome. Pets are definitely part of the family and all my clients know that they are always welcome to bring them to their sessions.

We decided to mix it up a little and after a quick outfit change. We loved Dad’s bright shirt!

The magic is in the details! You can almost smell the newborn baby smell just from looking at these pictures.

Unwrapped newborn portrait

Family’s fav: Wyatt sniffing his new brother

BAC’s fav: The three boys together, Dad, bub and dog

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