happy mum and daughter portrait in studio

Smith Family Portrait in the studio

Repeat client, with a new addition!

family of four studio portrait session

Alana booked a session with us a few years before with their son William, who was about 18 months at the time.

When Sarah got in touch again, she let me know they now had a new family member.  Young Sarah who was now 17 months old, and William was now 3. It was now time for them to update their family portraits!

I was so thrilled to hear them coming back again, especially with a new member of the family!

We had them come into the studio, the same as we did last time.  We took some beautiful shots on the grey and white backdrops and the same as last time, we did some fun shots with the kids.  We got the books out and did some reading, had some fun with the blocks and mum and dad brought the kids little bikes that they had fun riding around the studio on!

kids riding bikes fun studio portrait

I love taking more candid shots of the kids so having the bikes was super fun!  While it’s nice to take portraits of the kids sitting and looking but some of the ones on the bikes were super fun as well!

3 year old riding bike studio portrait

And of course, my favourite image from the session was the two monkies hanging upside down laughing and joking with each other with mum and dad smiling.  It is so much fun to get an image like that with the family which shows off everyone’s personalities.

It was so great to see them all again, but I know that the family are moving on and out of Brisbane and taking on a new adventure, I wish them all the best!

And I do hope that if they are back in Brisbane we do see them again.