Mum with 2 sons black and white portrait

Mum’s Photoshoot With Her Boys

Mum with her two boys in the park at Lake Eden

Mum with 2 sons black and white portraitIt was a little while ago now that I did these photos but we had so much fun taking them, I really had to share. I also put together a little film of this little family too… something for them to watch as they grow, maybe play at a birthday party or two as they get older!

These two boys were not short on energy and I spend the session running around the park after them and when I wasn’t chasing them, Mum and I sat back a laughed as they played/play-fought together.

My favourite bit was when they just started rolling down the hill (cause that’s what hills are for), first on their own and then they rolled together, one squashing the other a they went over and over.

Gregory Family 2018 from BAC Photography on Vimeo.