Posed fun family portrait in the studio

Mako Family in the studio

When Orry phoned me to enquire about a family portrait, he told me it had been years since the last one and they kids were only little. I just loved that after all these years and before they up and fly the nest, that they updated the family portrait. Danielle had a spot on the wall for the image she wanted with the Demin and white studio look.

Families on the couch studio portrait

Couples portrait on the couchCandid studio family portrait

Like every portrait we do some candid portraits and some posed, and update the images of mum with the kids and dad with the kids and the kids together.

Dad with kids studio portraitMum with kids studio portraitbrother and sister studio portrait

It’s always fun to do the ‘girls’ photo and ‘boys’ photo too.

father and son studio portraitMum and daughter studio portrait

BAC Favourite photo: Mum and Dad’s couples portrait on the couch.