Romantic couples portrait with head together

Love is in the air – Couples Portrait

Couples Portrait in North Lakes Woodland

Couples Portrait piggy back
BAC Favourite image – The Piggy Back

I love this location and if it hasn’t been raining and the mozzies stay away it is perfect… and it was this day. Just a few, not too many.

Andy was keen for some fun so I had him picking Amy up (threshold style) and piggy backs too… it was a full on work out for him!

Couples portrait in the long grasscandid couples black and white portraitThe light was just lovey there in the trees and as we were on our way back to the car and almost out of the woods, the sun just poked through and I shouted STOP! Amy jumped up for a piggy back and that there was one of their favourite photos.

posed couples portrait in the afternoon sunClose up couples portrait

BAC Photography – Favourite photo – The piggy back