Little Aviator

Connor – Our Little Aviator

Connor the Aviator

Bow Ties and Vests for flying

This little man was just adorable! I just loved his little outfit that mum had picked out especially! I usually have a little flight jacket for them to wear in our aviator sets, but this little man needed no extra frills…. just a very civilised aviator with his bow tie and vest, ready for flying!

He did love the little planes. An although he had a fly of our big plane, I think he preferred just tinkering with the little ones…. because, well, we are all different and that is what I love most about my job. No 2 kids are the same… (even twins and I should know!)

As I write this, we have already photographed his big sister Bella and I can’t wait to share he photos as well… may next time we’ll get Mum and Dad in the photos too?

Little AviatorLittle AviatorLittle AviatorLittle AviatorLittle Aviator