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Brisbane Maternity and Newborn Films

Capturing babies in those first few days, weeks or even months is just precious and photos are amazing. You can display them on you walls for all to see. Have an album showing every little detail and share them with family and friends.

But video is something different.

Video is more than a beautiful photo. Video turns your photos into something that is living and breathing, just like us. Video captures something more. But you don’t have to choose. You can have both. Choose to have those beautiful photos for the wall and album AND… a film or video of that precious life to keep forever!

Click play to watch any video you like, select the HD on the video for best viewing and remember to have your sound on.

Love for our Newborn Films

“Thank you so much Belinda! We love this so much and can’t wait to show Harry when he is a bit older how little he was! This is the perfect thing that we have shared with our family who have not been able to meet him yet!”

Want Maternity included? Check out these combined Maternity and Newborn Sessions.

Bring the WHOLE family!

Yes your newborn session doesn’t just have to be about Mum, Dad and Bub… you can bring the whole family, grandparents, aunts and uncles and of course any fur babies too!

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What a great weekend at the PBC Expo for BAC Photography!

So far this year, Valentine’s weekend was probably one of BAC Photography’s favourites. Belinda, Sinead and Jill got to spend the weekend at their first Pregnancy, Baby and Children’s Expo at the Exhibition and Convention Centre, in South Brisbane.  A lot of people always comment how lucky Belinda is, being able to spend her days creating beautiful memories for people, but also being able to cuddle babies, play with children, take beautiful portraits, and (of course) play with puppies; so, this weekend was another one to add to the list of amazing experiences.  We spent the weekend meeting soon to be parents, animal lovers, growing families and learned about their journeys and experiences that led them to where they are today. Leading up to the Expo Belinda had new wall art printed.  It was the first time that she had metal prints made, and the result was amazing! They were light, glossy and easy to hang, which worked out perfect for the Expo setup.  On the Friday, Belinda set up the stand to showcase some of the best pieces from BAC Photography, displaying the different sizes, materials and options available.  The stand was eye catching and the portraits attracted people’s attention as they walked by.  Everyone loved the metal print of three Labrador puppies sitting in a basket.  It became a conversation starter for families wanting to include animals in their photos. Across the weekend we managed to spend time talking to different vendors and discovering new products.  A huge favourite was Everymite, a healthy, no additive, allergy friendly superspread.  The ladies were lovely and shared some of their brand history and story with us.  We also made friends with the family from the Pain Pod, and ‘borrowed’ their beautiful baby girl for a few hours!  She had given them a hard time the night before, so to give them time to speak to customers, we played with her until Jill managed to get her to sleep.  She had a nice snooze in the pram, at the back of our stand for a few hours. Since the expo Belinda has been busy completing bookings taken across the weekend and we are still trying to get back to everyone.  We are working hard towards catching up and hope to have everyone contacted soon.  In the meantime, if have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. For BAC, I think this weekend was a success, and we will definitely be back again in the future!

Mummy and Me – Studio Portrait

Mum and her son – Nicholas   Anja came to us through National Family Portrait Month. One of our charity programs that we participate in every year. This year we were raising money for BeyondBlue. Little Nicholas was just 4 months old when they came in for their session. Still happy with tummy time but not yet sitting up. Anja had an arm work out to start with not just holding Nicholas but lifting him in the air for some big smiles. When then sat them on the couch and finished with a little cuddle. He was pretty tired by the end… it’s hard work being a model! This was also our third behind the scenes vlog! You can see this film at the bottom of this post. Not only do these give you an insight into session with us but with Anja’s family all in Germany and her unable to travel, it was great to share around also. Mum’s favourite image: Sitting on the couch together – portrait style.  This one will be in the National Family Portrait Month Book BAC’s favourite image: Mum holding Nicolas up in the air on the grey backdrop – what a smile!

Pet Portrait in the North Lakes studio

When Lyndal got in touch, she wanted a beautiful photos of her 3 dogs, Rose, Poppy and Violet. Plus she wanted to incorporate the image of an old dog that had since passed away, in a nice big wall piece. She said on the phone that they were quite difficult at the vet so she wasn’t sure how we would go getting them all together for a photo. I told her not to worry and to leave it to me! The session went fantastic. We got a few beautiful photos of them all together and nice individuals as well and some of them paired up together. I also edited the image of her beloved dog who had already passed away, to include her in the final artwork. Lyndal’s favourite: the three of them in the basket together BAC Favourite: Poppy in the basket with the paw over the side… just chillin’