pink and grey swaddled newborn portrait


Newborn sessions can be done at any stage after baby is born.

The current trend of a curled up newborn is recommended between the first 10-14 days.

If this isn’t achievable for you (and lets be honest every pregnancy, baby and birth is different), we have outlined below the different stages within the first year.

Newborn Portraits 0-4 Weeks

Although the optimum time is 10-14 days for the modern curled up sleeping newborn images, this does not mean we cannot get beautiful images for you to cherish of you little one or ones. I photograph children at any age.

The benefits of the first 2 weeks are:

  • Baby tends to be more sleepy and can moved into different positions more easily.
  • Partners have time off and can attend the session
  • For some reason post the 2 week mark, some babies develop skin irritations or milk rashes

To find out more about why we photograph babies in the first 2 weeks, check out our post on this: HERE

3-12 Week Newborns

If you have missed the window for newborn portraits from 0-3 weeks, don’t worry!

I can capture beautiful portraits of you and your baby at anytime.

Babies that are older than the first few weeks will still have beautiful portraits but they are traditionally more awake and alert.

So we will have less of the sleeping poses and more of the eyes wide and maybe even the hint of a smile pose.

3 Months Plus

Babies at this age are great! They have a lot of awake time are fully alert when looking around. Make great eye contact and are smiling now too 🙂

To find out more about our 3-6 Month Old Baby sessions, click HERE

Helpful Information for a Newborn session with BAC Photography


The safety of your baby is our priority. BAC Photography do get parents involved in the session (whether they choose to be photographed or not) just to have someone at all times with your baby. The studio is a smoke free environment and Belinda Chalmers, the chief photographer and owner of BAC Photography is fully vaccinated including a recent Whooping Cough Booster.

We use Baby Lead Posing. This means that we will only put babies into a position they are comfortable in and what the naturally relax into. Our simple approach is that baby is the star and we do not do any composite images (i.e. the froggy pose).

The studio is thoroughly cleansed after every session and all blankets, wraps, outfits and headbands used are washed after every session.

We keep the studio at a warm temperature to ensure that when baby is nude, they will not get cold.

The Studio

On arrival, the studio will be warm in anticipation of baby being comfortable with little to no clothing on. Once we have consulted you with your preferred colour palette we usually start with a simple wrap to get underway and then progress through the session with different set ups and colour options. For young bubs (1-6 weeks old) we will have background Doppler sounds playing to help keep baby from startling with any sounds during the session.

To find out more about our studio, click HERE

What to Wear

For the session we recommend that Mum and Dad both wear either white or light coloured shirt or blouse, or you can wear a dark or black shirt or blouse. Please avoid any bold patterns, logos or brands as these will take the focus away from you and your little one.

For baby, we a have a selection of wraps and blankets to use however if you have any outfits that you would like baby in, then please bring them on the day.

For siblings we recommend either the same black or white options as parents or add a splash of colour ideally using soft pinks, purples, blues, greens or yellows to compliment baby and again avoid any bold patterns, logos or brands on clothing.

During the Session

It is natural for little ones to get hungry during your session. This is why we allow 2 hours for our newborn session as this will include time for settling and feeding. Having had 2 children myself (twin boys) I am quite used to settling babies and will take the time to calm them down when needed, however will hand them over to mum for a feed if needed or a nappy change. If you are bottle feeding, ensure you bring spare milk, you never know how hungry baby will get on the day, so better to have extra. For breastfeeding mums we have couch for you to sit down on and relax to feed baby during the session.

Don’t worry about little accidents during the session. I am used to this and everything can be washed (including me) at the end of the session.

Would you like to see what a newborn session is like with BAC Photography?
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