Babies 3-6 Months North Lakes Studio Portrait

3 to 6 month old babies

Newborn photos are amazing!  They are so small and fragile and although it is great to photograph babies in the first few weeks, sometimes it just doesn’t work out and you either are not able to organise a session, your baby is not well or you just ran out of time!

It’s ok, I am here to show that it doesn’t matter what age, you can come in to get portraits of your little one no matter what age. Once you get past the 12 week/3 month stage, you will start to see baby smiling, just a little but more every day!

The are much more alert with wide eyes. They are still small but have already grown from that little bundle they once were. The bigger babies have rolls! Yes they are the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. I love baby rolls! Both my boys had them and I love to photograph those chubby arms and legs.

Those that are getting towards the 6 months mark are almost sitting up! They may be able to sit up for a second on their own or even leaning against something.

So, there you have it. If you missed out on newborn photos, it’s not too late to capture them before they grow again or for those that want to capture every stage, this age is perfect with all their little expressions starting.


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