rainy day portrait of boy playing in the water near shorncliffe pier

Wet Weather Portrait Sessions Guide

Rain Rain Go Away

We’re trying to take photos!

With all this rain around at the moment, we are getting a lot of questions about what happens to your portrait session if rain is forecast?

Well, there is a few options!

I have created a guide below to help you decide on the right option for you and your family.

Stormy weather or light rain

Let’s go ahead

Believe it or not, if it’s just light rain or a storm is forecast, we can still go ahead!

For storms, we may need to bring the session forward to miss that afternoon southerly or choose a more suitable location. Although, the dramatic cloudy skies look amazing!!!

We have great technology now, so I prefer to wait until as to close the session as possible before we make a decision. I have had plenty of sessions where we have photographed families in between squalls of rain, either before or after the session.

I don’t mind the rain at all but my camera doesn’t, so as long as she is protected, I am happy to go ahead.

Embrace the day, bring out the brollies and gumboots for the kids (although maybe don’t wear your best clothes unless you want mud on them!)

Pro’s –

  • Rain is fun. Kids love the rain, singing, splashing, and jumping in puddles.
  • We don’t have to reschedule – this is great as it is hard to get everyone together sometimes

Con’s –

  • There is a chance you will get wet and muddy
  • The ground underfoot may be messy
  • We may have to choose a more suitable location than the one you selected
rainy day portrait of boy playing in the water near shorncliffe pier

BAC Photography Studio

Climate controlled to perfection!

Yep, you guessed it!  This is an ideal option if rain is forecast for your session and we do need to change it.

The studio is a great option. 

Located in North Lakes and easy to get to, the studio is always here as a first choice or back to up wet weather.

There is a misconception that studio sessions aren’t fun but I love them! The kids can’t run off here but we can still play games and have some fun.

fun studio portrait mum and dad hanging kids upside down

Pro’s –

  • You will stay clean and dry
  • It is climate controlled with aircon for hot or cold
  • Parking is right out the front
  • We have some fun props to use here
  • Pet’s are welcome
  • Kids and pet’s can’t run off… we’ll lock the doors 😂
  • Privacy if you want to do a change of outfit
  • We can offer themed sessions, aviator, fairy or ballerinas for the kids, to name just a few

Con’s –

  • There is a limit of 10 people currently in our studio
  • The backdrop is simple – we have white, grey and cream but can use all 3 to change the look (especially if you have a change of outfit)
  • The sun – yes it’s pretty but obviously won’t be there

Your Place!

We can come to you!

Some people have never considered this, but yes, we could do the session at home.

The kids will be relaxed as it’s not a strange place and of course, have plenty to keep them happy, food, toys etc..

Sessions at home are usually more candid but offer a great alternative for wet weather.

You might not think it but there are plenty of great places around your home that could work for your portrait session

  • The master bedroom, lounge room, and stairwell (if you have one of those grand staircases). Some people even have music rooms and craft spaces that look great. Outside you can use a verandah, patio or deck and of course the garden if it stops raining.
Some things to consider if you would like to do a session in your home
  1. You need to have plenty of light coming into the space
  2. The space needs to be tidy so there are not too many distractions in the background. Clear off benches and counters, couches and bedside tables
  3. It needs to be within 1 hour of North Lakes or we’ll charge a travel fee
  4. We may need to change the time of day

Pro’s –

  • We can still go ahead with your session as planned and potentially have some variety with the shooting spaces around the home
  • You may have plenty of props to use for the session i.e. musical instruments or special/favourite toys

Con’s –

  • The kids may be distracted at home with all their toys
  • You will need to clean/tidy around where we are going to be shooting
  • You may not have enough light or a space you consider to be ‘nice enough’ for a portrait
  • We may have to change the time of the session to get the best light


The last resort

It is never nice to do but I do like to wait until as close to the session as possible before we do this.

Alas, the perils of booking an outside portrait.

They are our most popular session but between the wind and rain, mud and mozzies, sometimes we do just have to change the date if you have your heart set on an outdoor portrait

If you’re lucky, we can get you booked in quickly but sometimes you may have to wait a few months before we can lock in a new date and time. For this reason, we always recommend considering the other options before we make the call.

Where to now?