Twins and Family Portrait – Chermside Portrait Photographer

February 27, 2017

This great family took up our Twins Portrait special earlier this year and we picked a great new spot I have been using at Chermside here north of Brisbane. I have used this spot a couple of times now, but really wanted to use the graffiti wall that is down at the park. Mum, Mel was more than happy for me to use it, and the twins were great fun too. Harper and Corbin are just 10 and are definitely their own people and although I could sense that they didn’t always get on, their faces were a picture when I asked them to hug!

I loved these photos so much we have used them for our display album here in the studio and in a few days I know Mum and Dad with enjoy them as the Image Box that they have ordered will arrive and they will have printed photos to keep and display.


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