landscape backlit maternity portrait

Studio Maternity Portrait with Shanelle

Shanelle was one of a few people who answered a model call for me. I had some new gowns in and a special I wanted to run and needed some new maternity images to use.

full length studio maternity portraitfull length backlit maternity portrait

We had a fun morning, changing and changing again! She also brought her own sweet dress and the umbrella that she had on her wedding day. I was totally up for using this… something special to her.

studio maternity portrait with red umbrellalooking down onto pregnant lady maternity portrait

We did some images in the gowns, some with her own outfit and then some lingerie ones too. She was a great model and I am pleased to say bub has now safely arrived!

maternity portrait on chaise loungeblack and white maternity portrait sitting

BAC Photography Favourite Image – Full length in the cream gown

Shanelle’s Favourite Image – The one with the red umbrella from her wedding, of course