family fun studio portrait session in denim and white

Studio Family Portrait

Studio Family Portrait for the Ambat Family

We booked the family in for a session in our north Lakes studio with their son Zaiel.  Everyone had an absolute blast!

This sweet young boy was so cute with his mum and dad. It was lovely to see!

You can tell how close they all are just by the way they all interacted.

happy boy studio portrait session

We did some photos on the grey backdrop first which is always my favourite for starting the session.  Then we rolled out the white backdrop for some variety and new family poses.  We started using the chair, sitting down, lying down and then my favourite ones on the ‘princess couch’ as we call it in the studio.

Getting a young boy to relax in the studio is not always as easy as it sounds… We need to be able to avoid that cheesy smile so that we get the beautiful genuine smile that all kids have.

studio family portrait session relaxing on the couch

The family took home a beautiful set of 4 framed prints to hang on the wall and I hope they love looking at them every day.

Families favourite; There was a few but they did also love the one all on the couch

BAC Favourite: I love the one all sitting on the floor where mum and dad are looking at Zaiel and he is looking right at the camera, such a sweet moment

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