kisses for a little boy mum dad and son studio portrait

Studio family portrait of 3

Family Portrait of 3 in North Lakes

We booked Aline and the family in for their portrait session in our North Lakes Studio. 

Harry was due to start Prep and was very excited telling me all about it, he was super sweet. A bit of a talker… which of course is no problem for me, as I am a bit of a talker too… ‘Underwater with a  mouth full of marbles’ my husband would say.

We used both the grey and white backdrops for the session, getting a different variety of portrait for each one. I love to capture both formally posed portraits and some more fun candid images at every session… variety is the spice of life and often people want a photo with everyone looking and smiling (which is great) but they also love the more natural relaxed ones too.

Tickles and cuddles were the order of the day with Harry. He was super happy and I think everyone enjoyed the session.

Just to update, Harry has since started school and is adjusting well, although does struggle with sitting still… yep, I know what that’s like. My boys were the same.

Families favourite photo: On the couch

BAC favourite photo: Mum and Dad kissing Harry on the grey backdrop

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