Photography Location Guide: Scarborough/Newport

June 6, 2018


Endeavour Esplanade – Scarborough/Newport

This is another favourite location on mine and another option for those on the Redcliffe Peninsular to Suttons Beach.

This location, along Endeavour Esplanade, offers some spectacular sunset images as the sun sets over Deception Bay!

There are different sections along this foreshore that can be used. One has a beachy (or mudflat area) with a bit of sand for the kids to play in or you have the leafy trees and of course the water behind you.

Although there are toilets along this stretch, we are not usually too close to them, so there may be a little walk if one does need them.

This location is only for afternoon portraits around an hour or two before the sun goes down.

I love locations with variety and this one is no exception. With the option for green trees, water, sanding little beach and then a sunset silhouette shot, this location is ideal!

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