Photography Location Guide: Scarborough/Newport

The Blue Park, Scarborough

Ideal Brisbane Family Portrait Location for Sunsets on the Bay

Overall Rating

Not only have I photographed fun families here but plenty of weddings too. There are not many spots on the east coast that you can watch the sun go down, but this is one of them. The beach here at Scarborough/Newport looks across Moreton Bay to Deception Bay with a blood red sun going down.


Access & Parking

We meet at ‘The Blue Park’ in Scarborough and there is a small car park off to the side of the road here. Once here, there are plenty of concrete paths to use and the grass here is fairly flat and easy to walk on, especially for those who made need assistance of be unsteady.


There are no toilets here at the blue park, but 300m down the waterfront there is a toilet block if needed. There is a water fountain here though and a nice little park for the kids to play in when we’re finished.


Best time of day for your session

This location is only good for afternoon portraits. To get the best out of a session here, we want a bright sunny day or a slightly overcast day with just a few clouds. We usually start our sessions here no earlier than an hour before sunset.



There are 4 great options here for portraits and we use them all for each session

  1. By the trees
  2. On the grass
  3. Through the trees
  4. Out of the water

 Wow factor

With a view of the western sun going down on the bay, the sunset images here are the best!


In Summary

For this location we are limited to the greenery and shade before the sun really goes down so I recommend this spot for those with slightly older kids, tweens and above. Of course not only can you do family portraits here but maternity and engagement sessions are great and of course weddings.

Where to Next?

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