Photography Location Guide – North Lakes Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams, North Lakes

Ideal North Brisbane Family Portrait Location for Field of Dreams

Overall Rating

Another photographer recommended this location to me for a client who wanted an open field backdrop for their family portrait session. Rather than travelling up to the sunshine coast, this spot is just over the highway from North Lakes in Dakabin.

newborn outdoor portrait long grass sunset

Access and Parking

Parking for this location is no ideal. You need to park on the street on Kerr Road West and then cross over the busy Plantation Road. From there it’s a walk up the dirt path to the top of the hill and along to some of the trees that provide a bit of shade at the start of this session.


Due to the remoteness of this location there are no toilet facilities close by. Nor is there a drinking fountain or any shops.


Best time of day for your session

This field of dreams is only for afternoon portraits, no earlier than an hour before sunset. This field looks it’s best when a little overgrown however we need to check this location close to the day of your session as the owner does occasionally cut down the overgrown grass which is no good for what we want

Family of family of 3 on a track with long grass


Here are a few of the options for this location:

  1. By the bushy trees down the hill
  2. On the path
  3. In the long grass

Wow factor

This spot is rather different to some of the other locations we use and although it is a bit of a walk on a dirt path, the sunset up here is pretty spectacular.

Dyson Family_0055_sm

In Summary

This Brisbane Portrait location is great for those who want to sit in the long grass with the sun going down behind them in a relatively private location with few passers by.

Where to Next?

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