Photography Location Guide – Lake Samsonvale

Lake Samsonvale

Ideal Brisbane Family Portrait Location for

Spectacular Sunsets

Overall Rating 

I found this location when my family and I joined the sailing club at Lake Samsonvale a few km’s down the road. On our way home one evening after a day out on the lake, I saw the sun setting on this beautiful spot and thought… that looks perfect for a portrait location. Soon after a local Cashmere booked in for their Generation family portrait and I told the lady, “I have the perfect location for you’… I have been recommending this spot ever since.

Cute Family portrait mum kissing dad

Access & Parking 

Tukuwompa Park, as it’s labelled on google maps is easy to get to, although is not sign posted once there. There is parking off the main road and it is only a short walk from your car on the grass down to where we begin your portrait session.

The park is very small an unassuming from the road but trust me when I say this location is spectacular.

Note: Some maps show the park name: Tukuwompa but other’s do not.


Although this location does have some picnic benches and BBQ huts, there are no toilets here. The closest are another kilometre down the road at Bullocky Rest.

Time of day for the session 

This session location is only suitable for afternoon portraits in the hour leading up to sunset. We cannot do morning sessions here. We also do not recommend this spot if it is cloudy. To get the best out of this location, we advise full sunshine or partly sunny weather.


This location offers 4 distinct backdrops to your session:

  1. Sun-drenched backdrop through the green trees
  2. The rocks that offer an edgy look and go great in black and white
  3. The opening through the trees with a view to the lake in the backdrop
  4. The sunset silhouette (I love this)

Wow factor 

On a sunny day with the sunset on the lake, this spot has a wow factor of 5 and with the variety it offers for other portraits in the session, this is a great little spot for an afternoon couples or family portrait.

Candid family portrait in the afternoon sun

In Summary

This is a great location for both family and couples portraits. It will provide a variety of backdrops for your portrait session and is easy to get to. Although it doesn’t have any toilet facilities this location is spectacular when the weather is right I love recommending this to our clients.

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