Photography Location Guide: Deception Bay

Deception Bay Beach

Ideal Brisbane Portrait Location for Morning Beach Escapades

Overall Rating

I sought out this location a few years ago for a local Deception Bay family that had been in the area for years and years, they even have a street named after them! They obviously wanted somewhere local to use in the morning and by the water… this spot is perfect.

Family of 6 kids in Deception Bay

Access & Parking ★★★

Officially called Deception Bay Dog Beach, this location is very easy to get to and has parking directly next to the park we use and more parking at the park just around the corner. There is a very short walk to our starting point for the session and then a small downhill walk towards the water.


This location is great because it has toilets and drinking fountains right on sight. It is also not very busy where we are actually shooting. There are no cafe’s or shops nearby but they are not far down the road.

Best Time of Day for Your Session 

This location is great for morning portrait sessions, especially when the tide is out, as we can go out on the mud flats and when the sun is shining. It looks amazing out there! You can shoot at this location when overcast but I think it is best when either sunny or even stormy looking.


This location offers 3 distinct backdrops to your session:

  1. The tall Australian bush trees
  2. The mangrove trees down by the water
  3. Out of the beach… just stunning in full sun

Wow factor

Out on the water looks fantastic! And is a great option for morning sessions… good locations for morning sessions can be hard to find but this one is perfect.

Amosa Family_0008_sm

In Summary

This location has a leafy and green backdrop with a beach aspect also. It will take some organising to get a date that is suitable for everyone with the tide out but it is well worth it.

There is plenty of space here, so not only is it good for family portraits, couples sessions and children’s portraits but it is also great for larger families or generation portraits. Lastly don’t forget your furry friends. This beach is dog friendly so you can bring your dog along as part of the family too for a pet portrait.

Where to Next?

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