Photography Location Guide – Brighton Park

Brighton Park

Ideal Family Portrait Location for All Portrait Photography

Overall Rating

This is one of my newest locations and is turning out to be one of my favourites!  Not only is it a beautiful and versatile family portrait location, but it also isn’t overcrowded.   It offers a variety of scenery which is perfect for families who can’t decide between the water and the serene green backdrop.

This location can be used for both morning and afternoon sessions.

cousins jumping at the park near the water at brighton

Access and Parking

At the end of the road, there is a small carpark available.

Once parked there is a short walk via a concrete path down to where we commence the sessions which is suitable for those who are unsteady on their feet.

Brighton park location map bac photography location guide


This North Brisbane Portrait location has minimal amenities.  There are is no toilets available, but there is a drinking fountain near the car park.  We recommend bringing some water along if required for the session.

Best time of day for your session

This location is great for morning or afternoon sessions, whatever the weather, sun, cloud or even stormy skies. Morning sessions here are best before 10 am and afternoon around an hour before sunset.

Not only is Brighton Park popular for portraits but you will also find it quite busy with those out walking the dogs or exercising.  When using this spot, we just need to be mindful of those around us.

Morning Session

loving father and son outdoor portrait brighton

Afternoon Session

maternity session with puppy pet dog at brighton with beach in the background


This location packs a punch when it comes to variety, and has so much to offer!

  1. On the sand – Morning & Afternoon
  2. Amongst the trees – Morning & Afternoon
  3. Golden light on the sand – Afternoon only
  4. On the grassy field – Morning & Afternoon

Wow Factor

The wow factor here is the variety of backdrops we can use for a session.  It caters for every taste and session style.

The sun-drenched sand and water in the afternoon is just the perfect way to end a session.

family of three mother father and son at the brighton beach swinging their son

In Summary

This location is great for all portrait styles, families, pets, children, maternity and even large group generations.

There is something for everyone here, from the grass to the trees to the sand and water. This location has it all… if you don’t mind the locals walking past, then this location could be perfect for you.

Where to Next?

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