five cousins portrait session in studio

Photography Location Guide: BAC Studio, North Lakes.

Ideal family portrait location for flexibility and comfort

Overall Rating

In February 2017 I was thrilled to open our new studio. Although part of my residence, the BAC Photography studio is private and separate from our house and is a great option for those who do not want an outdoor portrait.

Mother and sons in studio

Access & Parking

We offer safe off-street parking with no steps into the property or steep slopes, so is ideal for anyone who is unsteady or in a wheelchair.


The BAC Photography studio is a private space and has toilet facilities onsite.  We offer water and a microwave if required and it is fully air-conditioned for summer and winter.


Best time of day for your session

We are not limited to morning or afternoon sessions in the studio but can offer sessions all day as we use a combination of natural and continuous light. Sessions can be booked from 8am till 3pm in the afternoon and are all in the comfort of our air-conditioned rooms.

family of 5 newborn portrait session


We have a range of different backdrops that we use in the studio, but the sky is the limit in terms of creativity and what you were can influence this as much as a change in backdrop. You can see some of our options below:

  1. Grey backdrop
  2. White backdrop
  3. Cream backdrop
  4. Confetti
  5. Back lighting
  6. Little Fairies
  7. Pink backdrop
  8. Blue backdrop
  9. Wood backdrop

Wow factor

He wow factor here is the variety of backdrops we can use for a session combined with some clever and fun outfits to wear and props to use.

Little Aviator Brisbane Children's Portrait


Some people love studio portraits and the look they create. Others love the flexibility they offer a they mitigate cancelling due to wet weather and offer a comfortable location that is easy to access and is private. Studio portraits are perfect of families, newborns, children, pets and maternity and there is so much fun to be had!

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