Photography Location Guide – Crest Park, Bribie Island



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About 40 minutes drive from my home base at North Lakes (your mileage may vary, of course) is this fabulous little island.  Driving over the bridge, I always instantly feel a little lighter – heading into island time!

You’ll want to make sure it’s a fine day for your session at Crest Park, because there aren’t any wet weather options here.  It’s also the kind of location that’s really only suitable for afternoon shooting, so if you’re on a morning schedule be sure to check out my other posts.  There is limited disabled access here, but not down onto the sand.  What you will find is a lovely boardwalk though, to capture those beautiful beachy shots in the warm afternoon sun.

couples maternity portrait at the park

Access and Parking   

There is a parking lot off the main road for Crest Park including disabled spots too. This makes it nice and safe for little ones, not getting out of the car on the main road.  When you’ve finished your session, there are some great cafe’s nearby for some fish and chips.


Unlike Red Beach (another favourite Bribie Island spot), Crest Park has toilets nearby as well as a playground and basketball court. When you’ve finished your session, there are some great cafe’s nearby for some fish and chips.


Best time of day for your session

Crest Park is only for afternoon portraits, no earlier than an hour before sunset. We usually start here in the park with some nice greenery as the backdrop and then head down onto the beach.

For those who don’t want to get sand in their toes, the grass does go right up to the sand, so you can have some beachy photos without getting covered in sand here too!


I love the background options for this location:

  1. On the boardwalk
  2. On the Grass
  3. In the Trees
  4. On the Beach

Wow factor

This spot has great variety and it on my favourite island but the best part about this location is the sunset over the water… You can’t beat it ❤

Bribie Island Family Photography

In Summary

Crest Park is a beautiful Bribie Island location that is just beautiful for both park and beach sessions.

Where to Next?

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