outdoor newborn portrait with pet

Outdoor Newborn Portrait in North Lakes

Newborn portrait with Milly the Labrador

newborn outdoor portrait 

When Samantha got in touch to book her newborn session, she really wanted something outdoors and to include their first child (so to speak) their Labrador Milly.

We arranged a session for Lake Samsonvale nice and early in the morning with Grandma coming along to help with the dog during the session.

family newborn portrait in the park with dog family newborn portrait in park

On the morning of it was overcast, but no rain forecast, so I set off for the lake. As I arrived, it was pouring down! Worse than that, the council had closed the park (no idea why) and the big yellow barrier was across the entrance.

family newborn portrait in the park with dog

I phoned Samantha and we agreed that we had no choice but to do the session in the studio, as they could not reschedule it.

newborn and father portrait north brisbane newborn and mum outdoor portrait

By the time I got back to the studio, the sun was out! You wouldn’t read about it. When Samantha and the family arrived, I suggested that we head to the park at the end of the street where the studio was. That way if it started raining, we could run back to the studio. I knew they really wanted outdoors, so I thought, lets make this happen.

family newborn portrait outdoor

We did some family photos first with beautiful newborn Olivia, Mum, Dad and the dog. The we got some of Millie and Olivia together too. By the time we were photographing Mum, Dad and Oliva, the sun was high in the sky and peeking through the trees. Thankfully with the help of Grandma, we managed some beautiful family portraits… Grandma at this point had the dog lead around her foot and her arms high in the sky over the heads of the family with a reflector to block the sun from their faces. It was quite a sight and we really couldn’t have done it without her!

outdoor newborn portrait with pet

Last off was so beautiful photos just of Olivia before we packed up for the day. It was almost lunch by then. I am so glad the rain disappeared so that we could do the natural outdoor portraits that they wanted.

pet portrait in the park

BAC Favourite photo: Olivia in the basket with Millie on guard