National Family Portrait Month – Mum and her beautiful kids

North Lakes Family Portrait

Outdoor Family Portrait

This was a great session, Mum with her four kids!

They were great and super fun in the late afternoon sun here in North Lakes.

Angela booked in as part on National Family Portrait Month (yes I know that was last year, but I am a little behind on my blogging – better late than never!) National Family Portrait Month, in case you haven’t seen it yest, has just had it’s third successful year, where a charity is selected and we raise money for them with photos. This year beyondblue was the nominated charity and over $30000 was raised.

Back at the session, we all had a great time and Mum got some beautiful images with her kids that we put together in one of our Premium Photo Albums. Next time though we are going to see if we can get Dad along to the shoot. Sadly we couldn’t find a time all together, but will next time.. maybe this year!