Mother and sons in studio

Mum with her son’s studio portrait

National Family Portrait Month repeat family

Brothers portrait in studio womans portrait in studio Mother and sons standing portrait in studio

Jilly and her two boys, Lauchie and Teddy signed up for National Family Portrait Month(NFPM)

For those that don’t know NFPM is a charity event organised every year to help raise money for a nominated charity. Every photographer that signs up pays a donation and then participants also pay a donation. This covers the cost of a session with a local nominated photographer that also ensures an image from that session will go into a book collated from all the participants at the end of the year. BAC Photography is proud to have supported NFPM for 4 years in a row now along with photographers from all over Australia and New Zealand.

Mother and sons in studio Boys portrait in studio Mother and youngest son portrait

This year the event raised over 10,000 for Beyondblue. Although the numbers were down a little due to Covid, this is still an amazing help to the charity.

Mother and sons portrait in studio

Mother and sons black and white portrait in studio

Last year  we did some photos down at the park in Scarborough. This time she wanted to use the studio. We also made one of our first behind the scenes videos in the studio for this session and you can check this out below.

Son portrait in studioMother and oldest son portrait in studio

It really was a lovely session with the two boys. You can tell they both care for their mum. It’s so lovely to see. I hope to see them again as the boys grow.

Families Favourite Photos: Jilly just loves the portrait style family shot of them all standing

BAC Favourite Photo: I love the photo of them all lying down