young kids cuddling new puppy studio portrait

Mum and Kids Portrait in our North Lakes Studio

Fun family portraits to welcome the newest family member!

Christine organised a family session with her two beautiful kids Sophie and Harrison and their new family member… the cutest ever King Charles Spaniel still on only weeks old.

I just loved that they brought their new dog with them and  loved them all doting on this little cutie.

beautiful king charles spaniel puppy studio portrait

We took some beautiful photos of mum with the two kids, some with all of them (new puppy included) and then some fun shots of the kids and then the kids with the dog.

I love their personalities that come out with kids. It is my mission to show their true personality, sot that families can look back on this time with fond memories of their kids and what they were really like.

It’s always great as well to get photos with people smiling and looking but just as important to get those moments… a snuggle with mum, a sneaky kiss, a funny face, it’s all memories that we can capture for you to remember .

cheeky boy sticking tongue out with new puppy studio portrait
young kids cuddling new puppy studio portrait

Mums favourite photo: Family photo of them all on the grey backdrop sitting down… with puppy

BAC Favourite photo: I have two… the one of each kid with their new puppy, such sweet little moments…

mum and kids with new puppy studio portrait

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