Top 7 tips for a better selfie this Mother’s Day

Our guide to taking a better selfie with the kids this Mother’s Day

Everyone loves a good selfie, especially when you are celebrating a special day, like Mother’s Day!

A simple selfie can show family and friends around the globe what you are doing on special days and help to capture important memories.

This Mother’s Day we want to give you all the tools you need to take a better selfie with the kids!

BAC Family Portraits recommendation

At BAC we recommend that family portraits be taken every 1-2 years.

This could be family portraits with the whole family (including fur children) or it could just be the children on their own.

Kids grow, change and develop faster than we realise!  We take portraits to cherish those milestones and capture the growth that children go through every year.

We have a lot of families who come back to us every year or two to update their portraits.  We love seeing all the families again and how much the kids have grown as time passes.

BAC Photography’s Top 7 Tip’s for Mother’s Day Selfies

  1. Keep your phone handy all day!

    Sounds like an obvious tip, but you never know when the right lighting or moment will appear!

  2. Use a self-timer

    A self-timer can let you be hands-free!  It can give you those 5-10 seconds to get into position somewhere beautiful to take a hands-free photo of the whole family together!
    Better Yet! Is there someone who can take the photo for you?  Then you get everyone in the shot!

  3. Shoot from above

    Make sure the phone is above everyone!  Shooting from below the face isn’t flattering.
    To get the best results, get everyone to sit on a blanket or picnic rug and shoot from above.  (Be sure not to look up anyone’s nose!)

  4. Snuggle in

    Get in nice and close!  If you want a selfie to capture a special day, capture it with everyone cuddling in close and showing some fun and love!  Make sure you keep your arm out of the photo

  5. Lighting

    Take the extra few minutes to make sure the lighting is right for the photo.  Always have the family facing towards the light so that the light is shining on their faces.
    If you are inside, lighting is always best near a window so shuffle the family closer to one.
    If you are outside, find a nice big shady tree.  This will also cover the harsh daytime sun from coming down across your face.  (Also helps to prevent squinty eyes…and you can take your sunglasses off!)

  6. Be aware of your surroundings

    Be mindful to check the background of your images.  No one needs to see all the dishes on the bench or someone else in the background of your photo.  If you want a perfect selfie, this is a huge must!

  7. Clean the lens

    One of the most important tips!  If you have little ones it is easy to forget about sticky fingerprints.  Make sure the lens is clean, by giving it a wipe.  This will give you nice clear photos.


While selfies are great and there is a place for them on social media, nothing captures a family and the milestones of life better than a family portrait session.  Kids grow, families change but portraits can last for generations.

There is still time for mother’s day gift vouchers!

If you would like to treat mum to updating family portraits this mothers day, there is still time to purchase a gift voucher.

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