Newborn with parents hands studio portrait

Isla’s Newborn Portrait Session

North Lake Studio Newborn

Newborn in heart box portrait in studioNewborn and parents studio portrait Swaddled newborn portrait in studio

It was a beautiful session we had with Isla, Mum and Dad. She didn’t really want to go to sleep to start and was more overstimulated when I soothed her.

sleeping newborn studio portrait happy newborn portrait in studio mother and newborn portrait studio

We still got some beautiful photos even while she was awake, including using the new heart shaped bowl again. I also loved that the family had their own wrap to use as well ( the pretty floral one) as well as the white outfit she had on for the full family photos as well.

Newborn and family portrait in studio newborn portrait in studio Newborn with parents hands studio portrait

It is always more important to me to use props and outfits that you have, than ones I have in the studio. It makes the session more special for the family.

By the time we had just about finished the session, she finally fell asleep and we were able to get her curled up on the rug at the end… what Mum had hoped for and finished with her in Dad’s arms 😊

close up newborn portrait in studio newborn and dad studio portrait

I was lucky on this day to, to have one of my videographers, Jamie, available to do some behind the scenes video of the session. You can check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU0ib0mj_LA

Newborn on blanket studio portrait

Funny Photo: Isla with her tongue out – Dad loved this one being a Mauri

BAC Favourite Photo: Isla wrapped in white on the new purple curly rug.