family portrait overlooking property

In-home family portrait

In-home family portrait on their Morayfield acreage property

This is the third time we have photographed this beautiful little family. All three times, it has been through National Family Portrait Month (our annual fundraiser organised with a collective group of photographers for charity each year).

Last year we photographed them at Shorncliffe, which was special to them as Kylie and Jamie has their wedding portraits there years before.

mum and son having fun with pet dog outdoors

This time they opted to have their family portraits at their acreage property in Morayfield. To make it extra special they had just sold this to move on to greener pastures and preserve some memories of this place before they go.

childrens outdoor portrait

I checked the location and the sun to make sure that we had some suitable spots to use for the morning session we organised and had Kylie send me some photos of the gardens before I came out.  This gave me an idea of what we had to work with when I got there.

pet portrait in home

Now being a dog person, I had no problems with their two cherished dogs being part of the session, as well as the sheep and other animals they had out there. Young Lucas, their son, was just as cheeky as ever and we followed him around the property as he ran off all that energy young boys have! Having two boys myself, I am well accustomed to this.

I hope that they can look back on these photos and this time with fond memories of their old place, while enjoying their new home and of course, look forward to seeing them all again for their annual portrait session.

If you think your house would be perfect for a family portrait session, or you have a milestone to celebrate, like moving house, we would love to talk to you about your portrait session.  Follow the link HERE to book a call

Families Favourite: For National Family Portrait Month this year, the theme was mothers and their children, so Kylie chose the image of her and Lucas feeding the sheep, it was such a cute little moment and probably a first for the NFPM book to have sheep in one of the images

BAC’s Favourite image: the family facing out to their little lake all hugging in together

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